ABC Essentials is Live

ABC Essentials

Spring break this week for my high school teaching so I decided to create a free little wellness app on If you are an organization that uses Salesforce and you want to launch weekly work-from-home wellness contents, then “ABC Essentials” could be just the ticket.

My project team included my sister and her daughter. They are smart and healthy lifestyle people, so they came up with 10 actions we can all consider each day to improve our social, emotional, and physical wellness. We shrunk it down to 5 in the product, but a skilled Admin could easily change or add other actions into the data model.

You can find out more here and download the unmanaged package into a dev org or sandbox to play with it. Note that this first version is just clicks, no code, plus a little Process Builder. It was interesting to see how far we could go with Lightning and Mobile while also being 100% backward compatible with Classic.

Next step is to do a Lightning-required version and take advantage of Screen Flows, Global Actions, and Lightning Components. Should be a fun upgrade! Stay tuned…