ABC Install

The first version of ABC Essentials is easy to install as an unmanaged package. This setup gives the administrator the most flexibility to change field labels, add/remove parts of the app and overall control the experience.

As always, installation in a Sandbox first is best practice. There isn’t anything in this package that is particularly complicated. If you install it for Admins only, it should remain invisible until you are ready to put people into the App.

  1. Install the package using one of the following links. If you want the Lightning version with Triggers, Apex Batch Reminders, and the cool Daily Entry Widget, use this link:

    If you do NOT want to use Lightning or any code then use this link:
  2. Install for Admins Only if you don’t want to have everyone see the app. Note that you will need to have custom profiles to fix the tab visibility if you install for just Admins. If you install it for All Users, you still need to apply the permission set and allow access to the report/dashboard folders to get it working.
  3. To allow access to the Reports and Dashboards, create at least 1 Public Group for “ABC Users”, potentially a second for “ABC Admins”. Add people to the groups as appropriate.
  4. From the Reports Tab, find the “ABC Wellness” folder and update the sharing settings to allow the “ABC Users” group to View the reports inside the folder.
  5. Do the same for Dashboards Tab.
  6. Assign the “ABC Essentials” permission set to all the appropriate users. This grants access to the ABC Actions object and turns on dashboards in public folders.
  7. If you installed the package for Admins only, you will need to make the “ABC Wellness” and “ABC Actions” tabs visible to any profiles you are using.
  8. The App is all setup for using Sharing Rules to limit visibility. Feel free to switch the Org-Wide default to Private on the ABC Actions object and build sharing rules for teams. Dashboards may need to be tweaked to prevent information bleed.

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