ABC Essentials

a passion project

I’ve had a great opportunity the last few weeks sheltering in place with my sister and niece. They are a dynamic duo and a great example of how healthy habits create happy humans. They eat well, get plenty of exercise, party enough to be fun, and rest frequently for optimal health. Watching them navigate COVID-19 has been inspiring.

Last week I enlisted their help. We built a free small app any company can install to promote healthy habits. ABC Essentials is the first pass and sets up for more technically advanced enhancements in the future. Right now, we’re having fun and excited to be building software anyone can use.

UPDATE: There is now a Lighting Web Components version of the app which is really slick. I’m providing installation links for both the non-code and LWC versions. If you are using Lightning, get the LWC version! Much smoother on the desktop and mobile. See a sample of the UX below.

what is it?

You’re an organization focused on taking care of customers’ needs.  We are making sure you don’t forget to take care of YOU too. We’ve all read countless studies demonstrating a correlation to wellness and productivity so here’s how ABC Essentials can help. It’s a simple app added into salesforce to keep everyone on track for daily wellness goals. Since most people, especially sales teams, thrive with a little competition they will be incentivized to participate through weekly challenges and leaderboards.

geek time: initial requirements

  1. Easy to install using standard managed package installation.
  2. Easy to configure for everyone or a subset of users on
  3. Support standard Sharing Model techniques for creating teams and determining record visibility.
  4. Provide dashboards based on a weekly cadence of achievement.
  5. Pre-configure with 5 standard wellness actions, easy to modify/add/reduce.
  6. Work with Standard and Platform licenses.
  7. Work in both Classic and Lightning UX, and on the mobile client.
  8. Limit users to tracking the current day and prior day only (prevents revisionist history or predictions of good habits!).
  9. Limit users to tracking only on weekday actions (configurable).
  10. Zero code, no Visualforce, Apex, or Javascript in pursuit of maintainability.
  11. No requirement for My Domain.

This version of the package should work in any org and be configurable by any Admin without programming experience.

code-enhanced version now available

  1. Lightning-first presentation, improved user experience for desktop and mobile.
  2. Trigger to simplify unique records, skipping weekends, and enforcing data entry rules more gracefully.
  3. LWC to create a fully guided experience for reviewing yesterday, updating today, and viewing leaderboards.
  4. Custom metadata to perform configuration.
  5. Overnight batch Apex job to create reminder tasks for people participating.

wanna see more?